About Us

ScotQuan is a data consulting social enterprise, founded and led by students of the University of Edinburgh.

Our Mission

Our social mission is to promote statistical literacy in the local community. Through its services, ScotQuan strives to help clients understand the value of data analytics and gain statistical literacy skills that will benefit them in the long run. At the same time, we offer students the opportunity to build statistical research skills in practice.

Our Work

Using advanced skills in data analysis, management, and visualization, the people at ScotQuan are dedicated to helping organizations better utilize, understand, and interpret data for reasons specific to the needs of its clients. ScotQuan works with both primary and secondary data in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation to help clients gain new insights about themselves or on particular areas of concern or interest.

Importance of Data

"In the data rich world… those nations, governments, businesses and individuals who use the power of numbers will prosper. Those who ‘get stats’ will get on. Those who do not, will get left behind."

- John Pullinger

What is Statistical Literacy?

Statistical literacy is the ability to understand and reason with data and statistics. Being statistically literate is crucial for organizational leaders in order for them to stay relevant in a world dominated by big data and disruptive technologies.