About Us

ScotQuan is a data science social enterprise founded in 2019 and led by the students of the University of Edinburgh.

Our Mission

Data is now generated from almost every activity in science, society, and commerce – ranging from molecular biology to banking, from sustainable energy to health care. But due to the complexity of the subject, not everyone is able to understand and reason with statistics and data. Our social mission is to ensure that everyone in the community is able to realise the potential of data science.

Our Work

ScotQuan engages with the people and organisations to provide services and generate and share resources, tools, and knowledge.

What is Data Science?

How Important is Data?

"In the data rich world… those nations, governments, businesses and individuals who use the power of numbers will prosper. Those who ‘get stats’ will get on. Those who do not, will get left behind."

– John Pullinger